10 must have party dresses/looks


November 22, 2016

The holidays are just around the corner, and you better be prepared. In this great offer of thousands of dresses I have picked out 10 favorites that I hope you like, or find inspirational!






Finn Slip dress





Ready for some sexyness up in the building? Well i’m at your service. I have to be honest tho, this dress is not for everyone. I don’t really have a big breast which is a curse and a blessing, but that means I sometimes am very lucky that I’m able to wear this kind of dresses. I feel like this dress can get trashy really fast so that’s why I think it’s not for everyone. Beside that this dress is perfect for a night out during the holidays or if you just want to stand out (which I recommend highly, cause being overdressed is a positive thing is what I always say). Is this dress nothing for you? Don’t worry cause we got nine left to go!

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