4 Tips to get dressed faster in the morning


October 28, 2016






Honestly everyone has this problem. once in a while, often or every single day (like me). So picture yourself getting up (way

too early in the morning), for either school, work, or just an appoitment. Your mood is great and you are ready for the day.

You start looking at your closet, and trying to picture what you'll wear. 56 outfits later you still aren't satisfied, and you should have

 left 10 minuted ago already. STRESS-ALARM! this honestly sounds so familiar to me, so i figured it was time for a change! These 5

 things helped me a lot, and i'm sure the'll work for you too, just give it a try!.


1. Orginize your closet on color, sort and season.


Make sure you're closet is sorted out on sort. So for example the long sleeves together, then the short sleeves together, and then the no sleeves etc. When this is done, you sort the bundels out on color, so all the longsleeves are orginazed from for example black to white. Dothe same for all the other 'bundels'. It's also not a bad idea to move (in this case) the fall/winter cloting to the front, and in your sight, and the summer/spring clothing to the back. In this way your closet is more clear and approachable to what you'll actually able to wear.





































picture from: Bloglovin (still inspiration)






2. Use cloting apps, and know what's in your closet.


My sister actuallu showed me this app 'cloth' which is a very heandy way to capture nice outfits you've worn before, and want to memorise. There are a lot of other apps like Cluise, Pose Chicfeed and Viss.  In this way you can wear great outfits again, of get inspiration from them and chance some things up a little. If you're not really into the photographing yourself, you can always photograph the simple clothing peaces so you know what you've got. It's clear, handy, mobile and approachable.























Apps: Cloth, Cluise, Chicfeed, Viss





3. Dress to the occaision.


If you know you're going to be outside all day, start with your jacket, and work from there. Are you have meetings planned, or something formal? start with the trousers (like pantalons). Are you just going to a normal day at school? Start with basics and find fashion items like a cute skirt or trousers underneath a simple top, or add with accesories. Do you get what I mean?































4. Start of with one item you definitely want to wear.


Very oftenly I have one piece (mostly new) in mind that I definitely want to wear. If you get up in the morning and alreaady  have a clothing piece to start with, the rest of the outfit goes easier, and you've got something to work around. You'll probably aslo feel more comfident when you're wearing something you honestly feel good in. and you'll save time, so you'll be on time for school, work or anything els.
























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