Hi there! thank you for visiting my blog! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Latanya Alberto (18), and i’m the owner of this blog. On this blog i'll be talking about all different kinds of experiences related to fashion, lifestyle, beauty, tips & tricks not to forget and a lot more! In my pictures I also try to show what i feel is an great outcome out of my inspirations, so you can use it in the same way, if you dare… Just wear that silly pants, and rock that cute little hat! you rock. I love seeing people acting like their own, but still getting inspired from others.


I live in this wonderful city called  Amsterdam and I'm currently studying at a Fashion business school called TMO (HBO). This education fits me better than anything. I am really glad I can combine my passion and love for fashion, with school while learning the business side of the fashion branche. I have been busy with fashion for quite some time now Now days there’s always something itching  inside of me when it comes te Fashion. I have been making my own clothing for a while (just for fun) and I have also began designing and styling clothes too.



 My goal is  to inspire people despite of all conditions! fashion is something fun, and anybody is able to find their way in it. The thing i love about fashion, is that you can be completely yourself.


love, Latanya



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