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Welcome December!

Cozy, warm & huge coat


December 4, 2016


Hey guys, so December has started, and that means 2016 is coming to its end. For me it has been a year of the start of hopefully something new, what about you?


I always read a lot of post about the 'new year, new me' thing, and I don't think you should see it that way. Ofcourse it is always important and good to keep growing, educate and challenge yourself, but that doesn't mean it is a new beginning to forget everything about 2016 and go on like that. See it as a base, a foundation for whatever may come your way in the future.


I have noticed that it can sometimes be hard to keep yourself going, believe enough in yourself and stay motivated every single day (with whatever you do). Just look back and convince yourself that quitting is no option, and that you have come too far to quit already. This is also a note to self, but I thought why not go out there, spread the word, and honestly whish everyone a lot of positivity, good vibes and a great outcome at the end of this beautiful year.


So a guick review on the outfit! This coat from H&M is my absolute new favorite. When I was shopping the other day, I noticed that i automatically buy clothings in 3 sized too big or so, but in most cases I just like the fit. I am actually wearing size 38 here which means this coat is this big from itself.

Coat - H&M    |    Top -  H&M   |   Trousers - Primark   |  Shoes - River Island

Shop at


The coat is instore available. As far as I know not online yet.

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