'If you really want something, you need to go for it'. I'm sure you've heard this a dozen times from several people. I've always taken this very seriously from a young age. If I wanted to perform and get better at singing, I'd went for it, did I want to get better at dancing? I'd word my ass off. Did I want to strart something fashion related on my own like this blog? I'd be so dedicated that I would stay up all night, every single night to work for, and reach my goal. Well this time, I really wanted these shoes!! I know a lot of people have the white ones and I just adore the fact that these shoes are so big! They honestly look like a block on each leg. I also probably have to mention that I havent really been a 'sneaker lady' up until now. I am totally liking the sneaker life, and will be on my search for nice unique ones from now on. (that doesn't mean I'll drop my boots fever tho, I'll just combine =).


After finding these 'nude pink' disrupter sneakers by FILA, I honestly felt like a pro. I search through the entire internet, searched on muliply platforms and went through peoples pages, but I found them. As you might know I absoluty dislike when a lot of people are wearing the same thing. It takes the uniqueness out of a beautifull product, and that's too bad. So the fact that I had to search for these sneakers really good, (and that I founf them) actually gave me a really good feeling.


This outfit literaly made itself tho, just like that, I guess some garments are just meant to be together.

Bomber jacket - Mango    |    Blouse -  H&M   |   Trousers - Forever 21   |  Shoes - FILA

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