Jacket//  Shoes //   Jeans - Zara   |   T-shirt -  ROTNF

Jacket -  ROTNF   |    Shoes -  PULL & BEAR    |    Trousers - Zara   |   T-shirt -  H&M

Jacket -  H&M   |   Skirt -  PULL & BEAR    |    Shoes - Pull & Bear |   T-shirt -  ROTNF

Hi there! A couple of days ago spring started, and i honestly couldn’t be more excited. The sun started coming out (sometimes) and the temeratures are rising (slighty). So now that part is set in motion, i can work on the fashion part that comes with these spring feeling. I personally feel like i own a little too much dark and black clothes, and since winter is offically over, it’s time to start wearing colourful, floral, bright and light colors again. I don’t know why, how or where, but lately I have developed this fever over red clothing. Without bragging I feel like this color suits my skin tone quite nice, and I thought why not make something out of this fever? So I spent all day in school online shopping for pieces that would be able to suit my new obsession which resulted in… nothing. Do you ever have that absolute perfect picture in your head of what your outfit is gonna be like once you’ve bought it? Yeah that was the situation here, exept fort hat these clothes where no where to be found.


The unfortunate thing with red is, if you want it to match with another red item, you need to see the colors in person to see if they match. So online shopping from my too comfortable couch with a nice warm cup of tea and some oldsool jams in the back ground isn’t gonna do it for me. So I went tot he city and got these items. I personally adore them, but I have tob e honest that that is not the first time. Let me know what you guys think about this red fever I’m having and maybe this spring you’ll get it too!

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