DIY: Lace Bralette

September 3,2016

Things you'll need:


Lace fabric

Elastic band (1.5 cm)

Elastic band (5 mm)


Black yarn & elastic yarn

A pair of fabric scissors


1. Cut 2 triangles out of the lace fabric and cut them open like in the picture. Then sew the open space together and fold them open.

2. Take the 1.5 cm elastic band and measure you breast to see what length you'll need. sew the elastic band together so it becomes a circle. Detach the two triangles to it by sewing the underside to the elastic band.

3. Take the thin (5 mm) elastic band and measure how much you'll need from the back of your bra to under you breast. Detach the elastic band on the inside of the bra all the way to the other side on the back. (the left string in the front onto the right side on the back, and the other way around)

4. Take the thin (5mm) elastic band again and sew it onto the outside of the bra cups in the front.

5. And now slay!



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