MAY 9 2016




So at first, choose a fabric. It would be smart to use a fabric that has a stretch so the bodysuit will fit your body perfectly. When that’s done, you can use either a bodysuit, swimsuit or just a bottom and a top to indicate the form of your bodysuit. Then cut it out.

Cut a stroke out in a length that will fit around your neck, and cut the upper side of the body suit into a triangle. Also cut the back piece of the bodysuit in half . The fabric I chose is a little see through, which I don’t want in the front, so I cutted a extra front peace out. (If your fabric isn’t see through, this won’t be necessary.

yellow – stitch the front and the back parts together (don’t forget the straight stroke)

blue – seam these ends into the inside

purple – seam these parts SEPARATELY (the top and the bottom parts)Stitch the stroke on to the top of your ‘triangle’.

And you’re all done!

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