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Hey guys! while surfing on the internet i highlighted 7 fun upcoming fashion related events that you might want to know about! of course there are a lot and a lot more, but for this time I picked 7 out of the great offer. Their not all free but I've tried my best to keep them as budget prove as possible. Are these events nothing for you? Maybe the 10 events i"ll present to you next time are more 'you'!




This exposition is being held in the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. The expo is about 'social design'. 26 designers have made art pieces that their 'dreaming' about to make the word a better place. This expo is not directly connected to fashion, but I went there and I was genuinely inspired by the pieces od art. Because I'm 18 years old i was able to go in for free. Are you a student? then it's 7,50. If your older than 18 and not  a student? the tickets cost €18,00. With this ticket your able to vists the whole museum, and not only the dream out loud exposition.

Also check out my 'dream out loud post here for a detailed preview if you plan to go!











During this event you're able to visit art, working placecs, studio's, galleries, restaurants and showrooms related to fashion and awareness. You'll get to know 8 talented designers/stores with an inspiring story about their experiences in fashion and awareness: Okimono, Studio Bolder, Mode met een Missie, Net-A, Mirthe Engelhart, Chris Meijers, Bartinki and Dress me dutch. You'll get a presentation and a goodiebag, and I'm sure it will be lots of fun, and not to forget inspirational! A ticket costs just €5, so what you're waiting for!?











This is a fashion event like every other international one, but now next door! Califorinia's fashion industry offers industry insiders, influencers, many celebs and dictated trends for the upcoming years. This seems like a perfect place to network and get inspiration from. This will be my very first fashion show, so I can't even explain how exited yet fightened I am.










This three day during fashion festival includes technology and innovation. Are you in the possession of a creative mind? Then this is a boost for your mind. The artis/designer and social entrepeneur Julian will learn you to design customize your own unique pair of jeans. I am a true freak to customization, so you'll definitely find me here! Take your own (old) pair of jeans with you, and we're ready to rock! The Ticket costs €20, but i'm sure you'll earn it back three ways in happiness and uniqueness. Oh and not to forget, the workshop is from 19-22 PM.









Do you live in Belgium? then you got absolutely no reason to decline this one. Do you live in the Netherlands? pack a bag, take a one day trip, treat yourself and go to this (quite amazing sounding) fashion film festival. I have not even been there before, but these kind of things excite me so much I can't do els than exite you guys too. Beside the actual film, there will be a red carpet event, a forum and even a VIP pass. You can purchase a day pass, or again if you're a student, a student full day pass. there are a lot of different tickets so check the website out to see what fits you best!









Through this event young talented people are getting the chance to show themselves through fashion, art, music and/or entertainment. There will be expositions in a beautiful church and pop-up showrroms of international designers. Personally I feel really attached to this event. As some of you might or might not know, I used to sing a lot. I did a lot op perfomances, but just gave that all up one day. I still love music from the bottom of my heart, and i don't think that will ever change. If you're young and talented or just interested, this will be a perfect place to network and meet other people who are maybe in the same place as you are, of higher up, and can help you. I'm really looking forward to this event, and I am really excited to see what they got to offer, do I see you there?









I simply love love love Antwerp. They got so much to offer, and I only have to be in the streets to be inspired already. This 'fashion collection' in Antwerp is presented in the famous MOMU (mode museum). which makes it even more special than if it would just be presented in a regular store. Not only in january but any time of the year it's a good idea to visit this museum in Antwerp for inspiration. Tickets for this museum are just €3 guys! (above 26 years old €8). It's super cheap and so worth it. I've been there before, and will soon again!


1. Dream out loud composition: August 26 2016 - January 1 2017

more info here

more info here

more info here

more info here

more info here

more info here

2. Awareness fashion shoptour modekwartier, Arnhem: October 4 2016

more info here

3. LA fashion week, Almere: October 18 2016 4. Workshop, holystitch fashion making (makeversity) October 19 - 21 2016 5. IFFF (international fashion film festival), Brussel: October 20 - 22 2016 6. 5 hours of F.A.M.E. (fashion, asrt, music, entertainment), Amsterdam: November 11 2016 2. Mode collection, Antwerp: January 4, 2017

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