March 17 2016


Choosing the right jewelry can certainly make or break your total look. You might have a really nice necklace or one of those big detailed earrings, but they won’t always fit with just anything! That’s kind of why I love minimalistic jewelry so much. They are subtle, and fit with almost anything. Watch out! almost! when your outfit is already really detailed with dessins, ruffles or other details, even the this kind of jewelry can be too much.


I’m also trying to make sure every part of my outfit matches  with the color my rings, necklace or earrings. Let’s say I’m wearing gold rings. Then I have to make sure that even the buckles of my shoes, and the zipper of my jacket match with the gold of my rings. I’m really strict with this, but you really don’t have to be, it’s not the end of the world. And that is just because the jewelry is so subtle.


There is one disadvantage to the rings though. I personally don’t find them extremely comfortable, cause they are placed on the middle of my fingers.  When I need to write something down for example, I have to take them all of.


Here I have some inspirations I like, and I’ll hope you do too!

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