AUGUST 10, 2016


As you probably have noticed already, these lifestyle posts consist a bit more out of pictured of surroundings than actual outfits, but I’ll hope you’ll enjoy these just as much!


So today me my sister and my mum planned to go to the beautiful Centre of Oranjestad. First of all I would like to say I’ve noticed that the city is really based on tourism! It’s not a bad thing at all, and without it I would have been able to take as many beautiful pictures of this part of the island as I did. Something typically Aruban I ate was pastechi. One word: Delicious! (I still miss it out here). It’s a sort of pastry, but a little different. Although It was not really busy in the streets I absolutely loved the happy vibe around there. The different colors and forms definitely work positively. Walking in the sun in the middle of the day may seem like ‘fun’ though, but It’s nuts! It’s so freaking hot, and it makes you really tired. But if you manage to cool yourself down ones in a while (through going into shops or so) it’s all fine. Our cooling down moment was in a pretty restaurant to lunch, and went home afterwards.


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