March 16 2016


Feeling pretty underneath the clothes you wear for the world too see, can have more impact on you than you might think. I can only speak for myself, but when I wear pretty lingerie, I get this boost of confidence and I’ll be walking down the street feeling like YES. I have to admit that although I am aware of the power of lingerie, I can’t call myself a lingerie addict. I have some really pretty pieces in my closet, but its not like I’m 24/7 craving beautiful new ones. I have to say that these two pieces really caught my eye, and I’m so excited to wear them. The first one can be worn under a t-shirt/sweater with an open back, so you can still see the pretty-ness of its back. So if you see me walking around really confident and all glowing and stuff, you know what time it is!


The other thing is, it has to be REALLY pretty for me to buy it that often. This one time I was just shopping for some clothes and shoes, and I felt like I had seen it all and I wanted to go home. Then I passed this really cute lingerie store. I literally walked by, told everyone to stop walking, realized what I just saw, and went in. I can assure you, that I have been in the store for a VERY long time! I saw so many beautiful pieces, and it came right on time cause I was about to pass out from tiredness of shopping. It is actually really weird how you can be so super tired, and then see something so beautiful, and be all exited and forgetting you were even tired! I feel like I am honestly, and sincerely mentally attached to clothing and shoes etc. Don’t laugh, but sometimes I just get emotional from how pretty a piece of clothing, shoes, a bag, anything can be, and I’ll just be like YES, bless that designer. Cause how could a simple piece be so perfect?!


But anyways, I stayed way to long in the store because I could not decide (I am a terrible decision maker though). My absolute number one, was a beige strapless bra, and it was covered with lace. At the end I just bought them all, and lived happily ever after.



Satin Bralette - H&M  |  Lace Bralette - Boohoo

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