Stedelijk museum exposition: DREAM OUT LOUD

On my way to the fabric store my friend suggested to visit an exposition in Amsterdam. It took place in the Stedelijk museum. I agreed and we went there. When I was younger and was kind of forced to go to museums by my middle school teachers, I actually used to dislike it a lot and thought it was borring. Times have obviously changed since I am labsolutely loving a day at the museums these days. The silence, the art, the inspiration and the depth, I love it all. The expo called 'dream out loud' invloved textiles architect and more. It was a quite short visit, but I do feel like i have learned a bit more about the subjects I have viewed.


I am wearing a long woollen camel coat (almost till the ankels, which I adore). Underneath I'm wearing a long sleeve turtle neck (cause it was actually super cold today). At the bottom i'm wearing a black pantalon with a motif and white superstar sneakers from adidas. I also chose to wear this aviator glasses just for fun, and to spice the look up!

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