August 15, 2016


OK so these photo’s make me officially want to go back there ASAP! Only looking to these images give me that warm feeling again. Literally every day has been a new journey for me, and as you can see, the places I went were super relaxing. I am definitely planning to go back there as soon as I get the chance, but for now I’m gonna have to survive on the memories I have left. There are so many different beaches on the Island of Aruba, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit them all. I did visit this breath taking beach called ‘baby beach’ in Sant Nicholas. It’s called ‘baby’ beach cause you are literally able to walk like a 100 meters without the bottom getting any deeper. Great experience for sure!


I am wearing a T-shirt/dress from River Island, (which I did buy a long time ago), I wore a White short from H&M underneath which you aren’t able to see, but the shirt would be to short otherwise. Shoes are from Zara, and my bag comes from Primark. As usual all this information will be at the bottom of this post aswel.



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