Velvet teddy,

October 15, 2016

Velvet Teddy. The color of my lips (MAC). Besides that it matches the colour of my top (which I adore by the way). So there is a little story/moral or what ever you want to call it behind this outfit.  On my little sisters birthday we hurried to the city cause she didn't have anything to wear. Brave as I was I descided to get her something nice really fast (knowing that I had bought way too many clothing for my self that week already, so I definitely shouldn't be buying anything for myself). We walked through the city. And my eye fell on this suit. From then on it all went so fast.. it's like a black out and before i knew it I was standing outside the store with bags full of clothing (nothing found for my sister). Sounds familiar anyone?


Ok so we got tired and went home to get ready before the party started, and she had no outfit still. I pulled some thing out of my closet that had become to small for me, and she simply rocked it. Moral of the story, I have found out that whenever I see clothing I just can't think straight and can only think about the cute outfits that I'll be able to make with that. That lead to a huge transformation of my bedroom into a closet with a bed in it.... Time for a change, don't you think?




Suit - Bershka        |      Top - Primark       |      Socks -  Pimkie        | Shoes  -  Adidas     | Bag  -  Asos

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