It's starts with a real life obsession. My friend taught me something really smart to keep my expences in tone while dealing with this (fashion) obsessions. She taught me to make a wishlist (just for your eyes only). Complete the wishlist throughout a certain amount of time, lets say a season. Add everything you really really like or want and find it worth the wait and your money. This last thing is super important cause this list should keep you from buying things you down need. When payday comes you just check the list and pick out the things you want/are able to buy for that particular month. Here is my whishlist for this Spring/Summer 17;



  > You are more likely to buy the stuff you really really want, and not just something you end up never wearing

  > After a certain amount of time your closet contains fabulous garments only!

  > You'll be able to take the time to find out  if you really want it, and if it's worth your money.

  > You'll have something to look up to.

  > You'll be more likely to put quality or your need of the product above the budget you'll have at the time, cause          y    you are not gonna buy it right away anyways!



   > You have to wait untl you can actually touch the product.

   > Your salary may be restorded for something more important, so the longer the wait!

   > You might not be able to choose what to purchase the upfollowing month

   > Sale items sometimes won't be available that long.

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